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At present, the number of attacks on women is increasing on a daily basis. This is creating panic in the minds of women. Women need to know about their rights, entitlements, and basic amenities. That is why the Trisharan Enlightenment Foundation has created an innovative initiative not only in Maharashtra but in the entire country, which promotes the heroic qualities of women.
By taking initiative for the empowerment of women, success has been achieved in the financial, mental, and physical empowerment of women. Inspired by Jhalkaribai, a valiant warrior in the army of Rani Lakshmibai, the glorious queen of Jhansi, the Trisharan Enlightenment Foundation has trained its army of Jhalkari ladies security guards. It is the first organization of trained female security guards in India to be created by women and run entirely by women. The security of women is one of the major challenges facing the country. Jhalkari has been trained by the best security agencies in the country. Our goal is to create security guards who are loyal, upholding moral values ​​and upholding the truth. The Trisharan Enlightenment Foundation has made a name for itself in society with this initiative.

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