Our Initiatives

Seeing the issues faced by children and the elderly as an opportunity to serve humanity, Trisharan Enlightenment Foundation started this initiative keeping in mind the needs of children and the elderly. This initiative resulted in better mental satisfaction in the elderly and better confidence in the children. The main reason for this is that the assistants accompanying the child and the elderly are very friendly and they have been trained accordingly. This training builds a friendly relationship between children and the elders.
Through the concept of Sakhi, we have come up with an understanding adult helper for senior citizens who can take care of them as well as establish a friendly relationship with them. As part of the childcare initiative, we have trained women nurses who can take care of other children just like their own children. We have trained them on the nutritional needs of the child, the steps to be taken for their physical development, exercise as well as the basic information required for the overall development of the child.