Our Initiatives

Every member of the household is seen doing a job, so there is a lot of demand for housemaids in every household. But due to the gap created in society, housemaids have to face many problems. At the same time, these housemaids are not trained, so housework does not seem to create a suitable opportunity. Studying these issues, the Trisharan Enlightenment Foundation surveyed housework and created a training program called Dweep, which trains housemaids.

DWEEP (Domestic Worker Education and Enlightenment Program) is a registered trademark training program developed by Trisharan Enlightenment Foundation . This training program is designed to study the problems and difficulties faced by housemaids at every stage by conducting a large number of surveys of these women. We train them to provide 3 types of skills. This includes training to develop physical equipment handling skills, develop behavioral skills, and develop life skills. Under this training program, so far more than 3469 housemaids from all over Maharashtra have been trained by the organization and our camps are continuously working to serve 4000 new trainee women.

Dweep Gallery