Our Initiatives

Jamnabai’s life underwent a remarkable transformation, thanks to the unwavering efforts of Amit Lekhami, a dedicated Vikasdoot from the Village Outreach Centre in Hedri. 

Jamnabai, who once struggled to even hold a pen, can now proudly sign her name. This achievement is not just a testament to her determination but also to the relentless support and guidance provided by Amit Lekhami. 

Jamnabai‚Äôs journey from being unable to hold a pen to confidently signing her name is a powerful reminder of the potential within every individual. 

It is also a testament to the incredible work being done by Vikasdoots like Amit Lekhami, who are committed to making a difference in the lives of others.

You might have heard or read that home is your first school, however, not everything is learned at home. Even if there is a lot to teach, you may find it difficult to teach your children about some sensitive topics. Also, what exactly does it mean for girls to come of age? Who will explain this to the girls at home? The Trisharan Enlightenment Foundation provides training and counseling to girls on menstrual management by visiting school colleges, through trained women. While educating girls about menstruation, they are taught the importance of cleanliness. The Trisharan Enlightenment Foundation’s trained women work to address the concerns of adolescent girls about menstrual care, clothing to use, and mental endurance. Sanitary napkins to be used during menstruation are also distributed in this activity. It is learned that this initiative has given courage to the girls to face the challenges they face.

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